Solvency Made with Xara Web Designer E-mail:  My Hobbies  -  Collectibles Phonecards: I was one of five founders of the Swedish Phonecards Collector’s Society in 1994. If you click on the phonecard to the left you will be directed to our website (in Swedish). Slania-engravings: In 2000 I discovered the work by the Swedish-Polish stamp engraver Czeslaw Slania (1921-2005). He is assumed to be one of the best stamp engravers ever. He engraved much more than stamps. Click on his photo and you will discover the world of a world artist! Whisky related objects: Miniatures (especially from Springbank, Campbeltown)) Coasters Playing cards Badget pins Springbank collectibles Mackmyra collectibles etc Collectibles from Kisa (where I was born): postcards used stamps (cancelled up to 1920) (the front page view shows where I stay during summer holidays outside Kisa Other collectibles: Insurance related collectibles “Solvency knowledge” I am also a Track & Field freak (collecting results, of course)